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How to Study Japanese 

For Japanese Learners at Beginner Level


​①Watch Irodori videos to learn expressions! ビデオをみる
You can watch the videos that our Japanese Language Teachers have created on YouTube.There are some sample videos and quizes below. 

​②Try  Easy Quiz  クイズをする
There's a very simple quiz to check your understanding for each video.
Please click the link in the description box of the YouTube Video

③Join our Membership for Beginners​ メンバーになる
- We will give you tasks depending on your level to practice speaking, and you can get a feedback from Native Japanese Teachers. 

- You will be invited to join conversation sessions twice a month. You can enjoy easy conversation with Japanese Teachers and other learners. 

- You can ask any question to Sensei, anytime, from anywhere. 

Hard to keep your motivation?

We're here for you!

If you join our membership for beginners, we will support your study to improve your Japanese!

Join our membership.jpg
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Task Lists are on our member page. We will give you our Facebook Messenger Link and the meeting link for conversation sessions once you become a membership. 

Free Conversation & Q&A session for beginner members↓

Sample Irodori Videos and Quizes

After watching each video, please check your understanding by answering the quiz!

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