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​①どのクラスにも参加できます  You can join any class!



You can participate as many times as you like in our Japanese lessons and Meta-riba(8 lessons and 3 events per month).You'll receive class/event reminder emails so you don't need to worry about missing the event.

​②授業に参加できなくても大丈夫! It's okay if you miss the class!


Don't worry even if you cannot join the lessons! You can watch video archives of the past classes on the member page.

​③​Google Classroomに参加できます!

Membership限定のGoogle Classroomで、日本語の先生に質問したり、課題を提出してフィードバックをもらったりできます!授業のあとには、語彙シートがもらえます。

You can ask questions to sensei and receive feedback for assignments! You can also get vocabulary lists after each lesson.


Pirates of Educationオリジナルのバッジシステムに参加できます。ステージにあわせていろんなアイテムがもらえます。また、月1回メールで学習記録シートを受け取ることができます。

Pirates of Education has its original badge system. Each stage has different items for you to get. Also you can receive your study record every month to check your participation.


Waku-Waku Membership

If you join Waku-Waku membership, you can have unlimited access to all the learning materials and Japanese lessons!

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